I am a Paratrooper
I serve my country.
If you tell me to kill the enemy, they will die or I will die trying.
I am a paratrooper. I will fight when others quit. No one in this world can fight as hard, march as far, or endure as much pain as I.
I serve you. You are an American. I behold that value above any other.
By fighting dangerous battles, I endeavor to uphold the American way.
I am a paratrooper. I have endured physical punishment and grueling training in order to stand amongst the ranks of the Airborne.
I am a paratrooper. I am the first in battle. I have the ability to disrupt the enemy and destroy their efforts.
I can kill. My job is obscene but necessary. I volunteer to eliminate those who would threaten your safety.
You ARE safe. I will protect you. Your home is a haven because I fight on foreign lands. I will stop the enemy before they can attack you - if you allow me.
I am a paratrooper - I am at your command. Use me or lose the war.

Written by Lower Jumper 2004 by Lower Jumper